Competence and overhaul centre for the most wide-ranging valves and their peripheral equipment

ENGIE Fabricom is one of the most important expertise centres in the Benelux with respect to providing advice, designing, delivering, installing and maintaining a huge range of valves and the corresponding peripherals. We have been able to further strengthen our position in 2021 by acquiring Risterm.

Our maintenance and repair service encompasses dismantling and transport to one of our workshops in Flanders and Wallonia, the actual revision, repair and testing and, ultimately, the re-integration and recommissioning of the valves.

With our mobile equipment, we can also carry out repairs and testing on-site. We also work in dangerous environments in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, at electricity power stations and on offshore platforms, etc. Together with the valve, you also receive a detailed function and testing report.

Our know-how and service include

  • Products: control valves, parallel valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, gate valves, standard valves, vacuum breakers, filters, ventilators, engines and actuators, air valves, anti-syphon valves, cylinder cocks, engines and drives…
  • We carry out valve revisions, repairs and modifications (control valves, shut-off valves, block valves, safety vents and level glass gauges) in our workshops in Zwijndrecht (2,000 m²), Villers-le-Bouillet (3,200 m²) and Lokeren (1,200 m²)
  • Leak detection: in-line inspections of valves, to check the density around the seat (closed and under pressure).
  • Repairs on-site of welded-in valves and/or removal and installation of these valves
  • Work preparation and shut-down management
  • Machining and grinding components
  • Motorisation of valves
  • Top quality machining and general mechanical services
  • Calibration and setting of safety valves; in the workshop or on-site
  • Warehouse management for spare parts
  • Thanks to their equipment (arc, TIG, MIG) and their delivery vans, our teams can carry out a range of works both at the workshop and on-site. Our welders are qualified to weld carbon steel, chromesco and stainless steel. We also have the necessary experience in hard lacquering (stellite gr.6, gr.12, gr.1, ceramic, tungsten carbide…) on various materials.
  • Transport of valves up to 6 tons
  • 24/7 service
  • Acoustic Emission Leak Detection
  • PreVenTesting (calibrating) safety valves during production

Specialised teams

70% of our maintenance activities take place on-site, if necessary with support from our workshops. We are supported by productspecialists for control valves, manual valves, safety valves and for all more complex tasks, so we can keep the time required to a minimum while still guaranteeing quality.

Quality assured:

  • Team of 150 experienced specialists
  • Intensive collaboration with major manufacturers
  • Investments in up-to-date equipment
  • Continuous training of our technicians
  • Brand certifications: Masoneilan, Consolidated, Nuovo Pignone, Emerson – Fisher, Leser
  • QA/QC certifications: Lloyd´s Register, acceptance of safety valves – Ministerial Decree variance V.4.064 of
  • 25/05/1992, 10 CFR 50 Appendix B, SCC Petroleum, ISO 9001, ISO 14001

Extensive testing:

  • Casting and material testing:
    • Dye penetrant´ testing
    •  Magnetic testing
    • Positive Material Identification
  • Applied test procedures:
    • API 527
    • API 598
    • ANSI B70.2.98
    • Or in accordance with your specifications

In our (mobile) testing facility, we can conduct the following tests:

  • Water up to 700 bar
  • Air from 800 mbar vacuum up to 300 bar
  • Helium
  • Other media on request (for example, petrol or cryogenic)


Energy, chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceutical, water treatment, nutrition, steel industry, consultancies for cogeneration, incinerators, paper factories and printing works, cement factories and stone quarries…