For our tram, metro, light rail and rail customers, we provide the complete range of detection and safety systems that are located on and along the track. We can take care of the total project that includes engineering, design, installation, programming and maintenance.

  • Safety Signalisation: includes all signaling devices that increase safety on and around the railway, such as barriers, signals, etc.
  • Detection systems allow detection of the presence and position of the rail vehicles on the track.
  • Track Crossing systems are the rail crossing systems that are necessary to cross the tracks with other means of transport, such as barriers and audio-visual signals.
  • Heating & control systems are heating systems that ensure that the switches continue to function even at freezing temperatures.
  • Switching Control systems is the entirety of installations that ensure that the position of the track changes can be checked and adjusted according to the desired route of the railway vehicles.
  • Automatic Vending machines are the vending machines used for the sale of transport tickets on public transport.
  • E-charging systems are fast charge and slow charging systems for electric vehicle charging.