Experts in fire safety

For more than twenty years now the Security & Audio-visual Department of ENGIE FABRICOM, has been is specialised in fire safety for large and smaller buildings and infrastructures. As a system integrator, we understand every aspect of risk management. Our in-depth knowledge and drive for technological innovation makes the difference.

A broad view of on fire safety

In according to our philosophy, fire safety is an element that has to be seamlessly integrated into your overall risk management, taking the strict regulations into account. We are always looking at the coherence between all the building technologies and strive to design a single integrated system that takes all facets of safety and comfort into account.

Certified personnel

Our employees are certified for designing, installing and managing fire alarm, sprinkler and gas extinguishing systems as well as evacuation alarms. All of our maintenance technicians and their managers have received appropriate, extensive training. We also have the right people for working in critical environments.

Innovative, high-quality products

We work together with the best suppliers for our solutions. In addition, we have been developing our own fire control centres for over twenty years. We are constantly investing in the latest technologies in order to offer you the most efficient ways to detect fire and smoke. Moreover, we make sure that new solutions remain compatible with existing systems.

Advanced smoke detection using intelligent cameras

Intelligent cameras with VCA (Video Content Analysis) detect smoke at an early stage. They offer a response to specific needs, such as high bay warehouses where the distance to smoke detectors on the ceiling significant. VCA cameras can also detect smoke even before a real fire breaks out, and they are useful as a means of verification, so that extinguishing systems are only triggered when truly necessary.

Peace of mind

We can also assume responsibility for the legally obligatory maintenance of your fire safety system, and for testing and replacing detectors. We offer you peace of mind with a customised maintenance contract.

Integration with ICAROS+

A major advantage of our holistic approach is the possibility of connecting your control room to the open building management system ICAROS+. With this intelligent system, you manage all of your building technologies in a single environment. In addition, you can set up operational workflows that accompany the operator step by step in handling an alarm procedure. The automatic reporting of incidents also helps you to optimise your safety procedures.