All critical information at a single glance

The Security & Audiovisual Department of ENGIE Fabricom, is specialised in technical installations for crisis centres, control rooms and collaborative working spaces. We take care of the delivery, installation and connection of operator desks, screens, video walls and net-working hardware. We also set up IT networks and assure the security of the data streams.

A single efficient and simple system

With a single system and one large working space (or pixel space), composed of several screens, a single keyboard and mouse, your operators have access to all important information at a glance. They can set up a personal screen layout, bring an application or a camera image forward with a single click while at the same time maintaining an overview on all other applications. This allows it to structure the large volume of information and promotes it efficiency.

Security of server rooms and data streams

Given a great deal of confidential data being processed, our systems are located in a secure server room and the access to these data is protected. By, if necessary, working exclusively with graphic information, the galvanic isolation of networks is guaranteed and the security of your data streams is ensured at all times.

Customised total service

ENGIE Fabricom is your management and maintenance partner. We have a team of 200 technologists, support technicians and engineers who offer a customized response to every question or problem. 70 maintenance technicians are constantly out in the field, performing preventive and curative maintenance tasks.

Integration with ICAROS +

A major advantage of our integrated approach is the possibility of connecting your control room to the open building management system ICAROS+. With this intelligent system, you manage all of your building technologies in a single environment. In addition, you can set up operational workflows that accompany the operator step by step in handling an alarm procedure. The automatic reporting of incidents also helps you to optimise your security procedures.