Invest in your own solar energy

You can decide to make your own investment with your company by purchasing your own high-efficiency solar power installation with your own capital or through your financial institution.


Your investment produces virtually instant returns:

  • You immediately benefit from the green power certificates.
  • Your own consumption of the green power you generate is free
  • You are paid for the surplus of produced energy that you contribute to the grid

When you choose for ENGIE Fabricom, you choose a sound and reliable industrial partner that will be available throughout the entire lifespan of your PV installation for the guarantee and the maintenance.

Interested ?

If you are the owner of a building with available ground or a flat roof of at least 2,500 m² or a sloping roof of at least 1,000 m² (south or east-west oriented), contact us. We will present you with a detailed custom offer, taking into account the technical and financial parameters of your company.