Different formulas for intervention and maintenance

ENGIE Fabricom can offer a variety of formulas to you for intervention and maintenance, even including a yield guarantee. With our proprietary monitoring system, the yield of your installation is constantly monitored and an alarm is generated as soon as any deviation occurs. In that case, our technical service will intervene immediately to ensure that your PV installation quickly returns to optimal efficiency.

The reassuring yield guarantee

ENGIE Fabricom offers a 20 year guarantee on the entire installation, including solar panels and transformers. This enables us to guarantee your yield in function of the incident solar radiation.

In our industry, many installers can offer you a factory warranty. However, this only covers components such as solar panels and transformers. Furthermore, these often involve complex and impenetrable warranty provisions from foreign companies. As for the yield of the entire installation, you just have to take their word for it. These factory guarantees do not provide any certainty as to the speed with which the panels will be repaired.

At ENGIE Fabricom, you can choose a maintenance contract with a true comprehensive warranty in the form of a yield guarantee with a fine clause. We dare to stick our neck out, and we ensure you a guaranteed minimum yield, in writing. This is determined before the installation is installed according to a number of parameters on the basis of the incident solar radiation.

If you do not obtain this yield, Cofely Solar Technics will compensate the loss in green power certificates and electricity that is not generated. That’s peace of mind! This is the only way to make long-term plans and the corresponding budgets possible for 20 years. You can also be sure from the beginning that with Cofely Solar Technics, you will never be faced with unexpected costs throughout this entire period and that your yields are guaranteed.