All-in formula for your solar panels through a third investor solution

The ENGIE third investor formula, through our leasing company Sun4Business offers advantageous perspectives for companies that want to benefit from green energy without having to draw on their own financial resources.

This formula appeals to many companies and consists of 3 steps:

1. You lease an unused area to us (roof of your building, land, etc.)
2. We install a high efficiency solar power installation on it
3. Your receive cheap green power from us, as well as revenue in the form of rent


  • Ideal for industrial customers that wish to install a PV installation, but who wish to keep the bulk of their own financial capital free for their own core activities.
  • Unused areas in business premises, such as the roof or a piece of undeveloped land can now generate income via external financing.
  • The green power generated is supplied to you at a very favourable price and you immediately become less dependent on price fluctuations in the energy market.
  • You don’t have to worry about anything. We’ll manage your installation so that you don’t have to run any technical risks for the installation that will remain on your roof for 20 years.
  • With this installation you make a decisive step towards a more sustainable company.

Interested ?

Contact us if you are the owner of a building with a flat roof of at least 2,500 m² or a sloped roof of at least 1,000m² (south facing) with the roofing material in good condition and with a construction that is strong enough to carry a PV installation.

We will enter into a long-term rental and power provision agreement with you, and we will install a PV system for optimal yield. Furthermore, we’ll take care of the administration and maintenance. You benefit from cheap green power immediately, without making an investment yourself.