For over a decade ENGIE Offshore Division has been actively involved in monitoring and maintaining our clients wind farms. We first started in 2010 with the delivery and maintenance of the platform Belwind. Afterwards we have been expanding our monitoring and maintenance knowledge to provide other clients with our services. With our extensive maintenance experience and by combining the technical expertise within the ENGIE group, we are able to offer our clients with full monitoring and multidisciplinary maintenance services for entire offshore wind farms. This includes the monitoring and maintenance of substations and wind turbine generators including HVAC, AUX, HV/LV/MV, general E/I, SCADA etc. We have the in-house expertise and skills to perform planned/unplanned maintenance and major component replacement according to extremely high quality standards ensuring the efficient and cost effective operation of our customers windfarm.

Our partners

ENGIE Offshore Division works together with different entities within the ENGIE group with specialist knowledge and experience to ensure that the wind farms of our clients from all over Europe are up and running at their full capacity.
We rely heavily on our dedicated and professional workforce comprising of a large pool of qualified technicians, engineers, project managers, supervisors and skilled workers ready to perform the specialized maintenance works according to specific client requirements.

Digital solutions for increased performance

ENGIE Offshore Division is investing heavily in digitalization for better monitoring and increased control of offshore wind farm OPEX costs. As the offshore monitoring and maintenance activities will further develop with new technologies like AI, condition based maintenance will become a more important aspect. By investing in newer technologies, we are able to reduce needed maintenance and related costs, which makes us able to provide a higher return on investments for our clients projects.
To guarantee business continuity at all times, we offer extensive cybersecurity services in collaboration with ENGIE Laborelec. ENGIE Laborelec conducts thorough health checks to ascertain actual security levels. As solutions integrator, it has the capacity and expertise to implement all the security measures our customer might need.

Services we provide for Offshore Wind Energy

Complete maintenance of offshore substations

The energy produced by the wind turbines is brought together in the substation and afterwards converted to 150kV. This is necessary to reduce the losses as much as possible when the energy is eventually transported to land. If there is a critical failure in the substation, the whole windfarm would stop producing. The needed security of continuous operation of the substations means that maintenance services have to be held to extremely high quality standards, which is exactly what we guarantee our clients.

ENGIE Offshore Division is a key player in not only the fabrication of OHVS but also in the provision of specialized maintenance and operations services. Over the years, we have gained extensive experience through the maintenance of several substations some of which were built by ourselves. With this vast amount of experience and technical know- how, we are in the position to perform the maintenance of practically every system and sub-system in an offshore substation.

Our substation services include the following:

  • Planned routine, semi-annual and annual maintenance
  • Unplanned maintenance
  • 24/7 Remote Support
  • SCADA Upgrades

Complete maintenance of offshore wind turbines

ENGIE Offshore Division with the support of specialized entities within the ENGIE group can provide all services required for the efficient operations of offshore wind turbines. We offer bespoke maintenance, repairs and major component replacement for several turbine models. Including the provision of availability guarantees.

Our wind turbine services include the following:

  • Planned semi-annual and annual maintenance of the wind turbines
    • Lubrication/greasing works
    • Maintenance of on-board crane and chain hoists
    • Oil change and samples analysis
    • Condition-based blade inspection including lightning protection testing
    • Gearbox and transformer endoscopy
    • Converter maintenance
    • Transformer maintenance
  • Unplanned maintenance of the wind turbines
    • Troubleshooting and repairs
  • Major component replacements
    • Gearbox replacement
    • Transformer replacement
    • Main bearing replacement
    • Blade replacement
    • Generator replacement
    • Main shaft replacement
  • Stockpiling an extensive spare part and large component assortment
  • 24/7 Remote Support
  • Availability warranty
  • Technical Support
  • Upgrades