Our mission

With the growing concern about the climate, there was a gradual shift from the traditional energy sources to renewable energy sources. ENGIE Offshore Division was quick to respond and has been working hard to make this transition a reality for more than a decade. Ever since starting the construction of our first offshore substation, Belwind, in the North Sea in front of the Belgian coast, we haven’t stopped innovating. Always pushing ourselves to find more efficient and cost-effective ways while reducing the risk for building and maintaining substations and complete windfarms. Since the Belwind project we have built 30 substations, provided maintenance for multiple wind farms all around Europe and can call ourselves experts in offering our clients a wide range of services.

Organization & Partners

To be able to offer the best quality of work and to provide solutions exactly to our clients specifications and needs, we are working together with trusted partners within the ENGIE group. These partnerships allow us to provide our clients a wide range of options, ranging from the fabrication and maintenance of offshore substations to complete turnkey solutions for your whole wind farm.

A specialist in HVAC, firefighting systems, and commercial and industrial cooling.

ENGIE Tractebel
A leader in consultancy, engineering and project management services.

ENGIE Laborelec
A leading expertise and research center covering the entire electricity value chain.

European Maintenance Support
An expert in tailor-made asset management solutions and maintenance across the entire power generation value chain.