Sharing camera images for prevention, safety, and emergency assistance

The aim of the Brussels Region video protection project (VPRB) is to collect and share images from the surveillance cameras of various public partners, including the 6 police zones, the 19 local authorities, the Port of Brussels, the public transport company, etc. ENGIE Fabricom is responsible for installing the surveillance cameras and the software.

This high-performance technical solution means images can now be shared, which saves the participating partners time and allows them to operate more efficiently.

Need for an overarching security project

The project closely reflects ENGIE’s commitment to make cities and local authorities more intelligent, energy-efficient, safer and more sustainable, and to move towards the global Smart City concept.

The video protection project is an indispensable link in the prevention/safety/emergency services chain. Sharing camera images ensures:

  • better coordination of interventions in the field
  • the real-time follow-up of incidents
  • the prevention and combat of crime and terrorism
  • faster, better-targeted interventions

The video protection project will also help improve road safety, and more efficient information management in the event of accidents or demonstrations.

ENGIE Fabricom’s role

ENGIE Fabricom is responsible for installing 2,000 video surveillance cameras, and the software for managing videos in 2 data centres. Eventually, these data centres will store the images of 15,000 cameras from across the Brussels Region.

We are also responsible for installing the analysis and other software at each of the partners in the project.