Safeguard future gas supplies in the Ghent region

Fluxys, the administrator of the transport and storage infrastructure in Belgium, commissioned ENGIE Fabricom to carry out renovation work in the Ghent region that was necessary to safeguard gas supplies.

The project involved replacing existing gas pipes with larger diameter ones over a length of about 6 km. The biggest challenge in this project was the directional drilling of a hole for a 700-metre long tube close to the urban area of Destelbergen and the busy R4 ring road.

Precision horizontal drilling

ENGIE Fabricom has plenty of expertise in horizontal directional drilling (HDD), so we can execute underground infrastructure projects according to the ‘no-dig’ principle. There are three major advantages to this accurate and efficient technique:

  • less environmental hindrance
  • rapid execution
  • minimal soil disturbance

We have our own HDD machines which can drill holes with diameters of up to 600 mm up to lengths of 600 m, so we can provide all the installation services required for utility conduits under our own management, without being dependent on subcontractors.

ENGIE Fabricom’s role

Our HDD experts were commissioned to carry out this delicate assignment. ENGIE Fabricom’s teams were also responsible for:

  • the preliminary study
  • communicating and negotiating with local residents and local government
  • coordinating the work with subcontractors
  • supplying and installing the new pipes
  • testing and cleaning the pipe