Improve traffic flows and quality of life

The aim of the Noorderlijn project is to improve tram connections with north Antwerp. This major intervention, which started in 2016 and will take a good four years, will also improve safety in Noorderleien and other traffic routes.

The building of this tram line is part of the Flemish Government’s Masterplan 2020. The infrastructural adjustments along the extended route will make the city of Antwerp and the port of Antwerp accessible to all means of transport. All the interventions are designed to improve road safety for every road user, and benefit the quality of life in the city.

ENGIE Fabricom’s role

Improving traffic flows and contributing to the transition to sustainable mobility solutions is one of ENGIE Fabricom’s core activities, so we are delighted to be able to take care of the following in our role as a contractor in the Tramcontractors NV consortium:

  • The electromechanical works for all the points in the tramline
  • Installing a fibre-optic network for communication and control
  • Renewing street lighting and traffic lights for the entire scope of the project
  • Installing 7-km of overhead lines for the new tram lines
  • Installing 5 infeed stations to link the HV grid to the tram network
  • All the electromechanical work where the line meets the Livan pre-metro tunnel (lighting, signals, etc.)
  • Renewing all the electromechanical installations in Opera pre-metro station
  • The hydraulic and electromechanical work in the renovation of London Bridge.
  • All technical installations in the new underground car park and tunnel under Operaplein/Rooseveltplein (traffic control installations, lighting, fire extinguishing systems, fire detection system, etc.)