London Bridge and Mexico Bridge are important traffic routes between the docks in Het Eilandje in Antwerp. The bridges required thorough modernisation as part of the Noorderlijn project to improve traffic flows.

London Bridge adapted for trams

The Noorderlijn project includes the construction of a tram connection between Antwerp city centre and north Antwerp via Het Eilandje. It was decided to completely replace the existing bridge with a new, much wider design. In addition to vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians, the new bridge can safely handle trams.

Restoration of historic Mexico Bridge

The historic bascule bridge between Hout Dock and Kattendijk Dock also had to be adapted to support a double tramway. Since both the opening bridge and its machine building are listed structures, the restoration had to respect the historic technical equipment.

ENGIE Fabricom’s role

The teams from ENGIE Fabricom were responsible for the implementation design, electrical work, mechanics, hydraulics and complete controls, monitoring and remote control of the bridges.