Grand Square in Brussels is one of Belgium’s biggest tourist attractions. The ancient market square is surrounded by valuable historic buildings, whose facades are protected by UNESCO as a world heritage site. ENGIE Fabricom was commissioned to install adapted mood lighting to really bring out the best of this beautiful site in the evening and at night.

Beautiful, eco-friendly and efficient

Internationally renowned light artists Isabelle Corten (Radiance 35) and Patrick Rimoux designed a lighting plan that accentuated the architectural details of the buildings, and the lacework on the facade of the city hall in particular. Besides having to be atmospheric and aesthetic, the lighting also had to be eco-friendly and budget-friendly. As site manager, ENGIE Fabricom was responsible for installing LED lamps and 10-km of fibre-optics for the sound and light show.

ENGIE Fabricom’s role

  • We used state-of-the-art eco-friendly LED technology for the lighting, reducing the amount the City has to pay to illuminate Grand Square by 80%.
  • We installed more than 10-km of fibre-optics to connect and control the 1,600 LED projectors. This technology is connected to intelligent controls that can create sound and light effects.
  • The LED lighting was installed using adhesive techniques that did not damage the protected facades, and means the lighting can also be removed without leaving any marks.