80% less energy consumption

The historic belfry of Mons, a jewel of Belgian architecture, is classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. To improve the building’s appearance at night and reduce electricity consumption, the city decided to have new LED lighting installed, and contracted the services of ENGIE Fabricom with its experience of lighting listed structures.

The new lighting of the belfry exclusively uses LED lamps. The advantage of using LEDs is that they consume much less electricity. 185 light points installed in the belfry of Mons should reduce electricity costs by 80% compared to traditional lighting, and maintenance costs by 75%.

ENGIE Fabricom’s role

Specific techniques are required to illuminate listed structures correctly. For example, the installation must not affect the rules regarding protecting the building, and must be easily removable without leaving traces on the structure. Mons called on the lighting experts from ENGIE Fabricom to install the new lighting,

  • who installed 185 light points, almost all LEDs. Compared to traditional lighting, this will reduce electricity costs by 80% and maintenance costs by 75%
  • we used more than 2.5 km of cables for this assignment
  • whe new lighting can be operated from an online interface, and light shows can even be programmed and managed remotely
  • the system indicates whether the installation is functioning correctly, reports defects and irregularities immediately, and helps to plan interventions
  • before the installation, our steeplejacks and electricians received training on working close to a group of falcons which nest permanently in the left-hand sphere on top of the belfry.