ENGIE Fabricom recently started using its new workshop for maintaining electric motors. This workshop was designed and built so that it would also qualify for the maintenance of nuclear-class electric motors, making this new infrastructure virtually unique in Europe.

Suitable for motors from nuclear power plants

The 1,800 m² workshop contains a range of advanced equipment for maintaining and overhauling high-voltage and low-voltage electric motors, and to carry out specialist high-quality maintenance of the numerous nuclear-class motors.

This workshop works closely with ENGIE Fabricom’s other mechanical maintenance workshops and electromechanical teams on the mechanical overhaul of complex installations. The quality of all types of work on both standard and nuclear-class motors is safeguarded by the integrated quality assurance system.

Unique equipment

The impregnation tank (3-m diameter and 4-m high), which is necessary to maintain nuclear motors, represents an important part of the investment. After maintenance, the motors are insulated to the right level by submerging them in nuclear-approved resin in this tank. There are very few such tanks in Europe, so most workshops that overhaul motors do not have access to one. ENGIE Fabricom is also a pioneer in using the new type of nuclear-approved resin. ENGIE Fabricom also invested in a specific test bench without frequency drivers, which avoids the risk of bearing damage due to stray currents.

The first assignments of the new workshop include overhauling a number of motors for the Doel and Tihange nuclear power stations.

A complete service for repairing electric motors

  • Cleaning and drying
  • Testing
  • Disassembly and damage assessment
  • Rewinding
  • Vacuum pressure impregnation
  • Mechanical overhaul
  • Final test and reports