Energy-efficient domotics and technical equipment

The Africa Museum needed updating in various areas: the collections, the way they were presented, the building, and the technical installations, so it was high time for a renovation and modernisation project. The museum therefore closed its doors in 2013 for a number of interventions, before reopening to visitors 5 years later. ENGIE Fabricom was responsible for installing high-tech electrical equipment in the buildings to maximise energy efficiency, protect the collections, and make the museum more comfortable for visitors.

Listed building

The Museum is housed in a listed building with equipment dating from 1910, so the renovation posed a real challenge. Modern technology was required, but the original plans from the 19th century had to be respected at the same time. ENGIE Fabricom overcame the major challenges, and set new standards for the lighting, domotics, access control, and fire detection.

The domotics, for example, control the external sun protection, and the lighting is adjusted according to data collected by a weather station.

ENGIE Fabricom’s role

  • Electrical equipment in the various buildings: mains connection and emergency power
  • Data networks: extending the data network between all buildings
  • Domotics (KNX, DALI, etc.) that maximises the energy efficiency of both the new building and the old museum, thanks to input from a weather station that can control the sun blinds and lighting
  • Electrical installation in the server room and security units
  • PA system for informing and evacuating visitors
  • Energy-efficient LED lights with light filter screens (interior) and sun protection (exterior), controlled by the weather station
  • 144 interior and exterior cameras
  • Software workstation
  • Badge readers
  • Fire detection for the marble rooms and parquet rooms with optical BEAM smoke detectors for large open spaces.