Present at 6 production sites with a lot of new orders

We strive to build long-term partnerships, such as the excellent one we have with INEOS. Since its creation in 1998, this British company has grown into one of the largest independent chemical companies in the world. ENGIE Fabricom now has a presence at the 6 Belgian production sites and in the research lab, where it carries out electrical, instrumentation, mechanical and piping work. This long-standing relationship is based on trust in the expertise of our teams.

Ongoing contracts and new projects

Our annual contracts for electrical work, mechanisation and piping at our customers are repeatedly extended thanks to the trust placed by customers in our services and quality standards. We are the only company with access to the electrical installations and substations at the sites where we are active. In addition to our ongoing framework contracts, we are regularly awarded contracts for new projects, such as the expansion works for the Zwijndrecht site.

ENGIE Fabricom’s role

Framework contracts

ENGIE Fabricom has a presence throughout the year at INEOS’ sites in Beveren, Feluy, Geel, Lillo-Antwerp, Zwijndrecht and Tessenderlo, where about 30 of our employees are active. Our teams provide:

  • Mounting and cabling of industrial electrical installations
  • Surface and underground electricity distribution systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Electrical panels: low-voltage boards, power boards, control cabinets and pneumatic cabinets
  • Electricity supply for electric motors and instruments
  • Piping work
  • Upgrade and renovation of existing installations
  • Testing, commissioning and maintenance of installations

We were recently awarded contracts for a number of projects at the Zwijndrecht site:

  • “Camel EO Storage” is a project for the construction of 4 large duplex tanks (bullets) which can each store 500 tonnes of ethylene oxide, and for supplying the associated pumps and equipment.
  • “Alkox-6” is a project for the construction of a new Alkox 6 tank, a loading and unloading dock, a substation, an industrial tank area, and two new pipe racks.