ENGIE Fabricom’s has plenty of experience and unrivalled expertise, so we can guarantee a high-quality approach that covers every aspect of building incinerators and maintaining their mechanical parts. We also develop machines for the waste sector and associated industries, recently, we renewed the Brussels waste centre. In the Netherlands, we installed a brand new waste processing plant, and in Rungis (France) we were responsible for the thorough renovation of an incinerator site.

Eeklo incineration plant

The energy produced by the 2 new incinerators in Eeklo will drive a turbine, generating electricity that will be sold to the national grid. Each line is also equipped with a DENOX treatment plant, to handle the toxic combustion gases released during processing. The renovation will significantly improve the energy performance of the existing installation, and allow it to comply with the requirements of the environmental permit.

ENGIE Fabricom’s role

  • Engineering
  • Dismantling the existing old kilns
  • Installing the new ovens in cooperation with Volund
  • Changing and connecting the existing installation
  • Electrical works
  • Automation
  • Installation of conveyor belts for household waste

Charleroi incineration plant

At the waste incineration unit of the intermunicipal waste collection and processing company (ICDI) in the Charleroi region, we realised a similar project to the one previously carried out in Eeklo. In addition to supplying electricity to the grid, we are also supplying the steam generated by the incinerator to a building heating network.

ENGIE Fabricom’s role

ENGIE Fabricom was responsible for the design, construction, installation and commissioning of a completely new incineration line, as well as some modifications and improvements to the existing plant.

  • Design and installation of new incinerator and generation unit
  • Design and installation of the heat exchange screens
  • Dismantling of the existing installation (smoke extraction and treatment)
  • Optimisation of generation
  • Optimisation of smoke extraction and processing
  • 6-year maintenance contract