Following similar work in Kain, the weir and lock complex is being completely modernised in Herinnes. This will ensure that the water level of the Scheldt remains suitable for shipping. The interventions are part of the European Seine-Scheldt project, which is intended to facilitate inland waterway transport on busy rivers in northern Europe.

Hydroelectric power plant provides its own energy supply

The old lock complex at Kain, which was built in the 1920s, could no longer meet contemporary requirements. A new water channel was excavated for the modern weir, which has a 1.65-metre waterfall and two 12-metre wide weir channels. A hydroelectric power station with a capacity of over 1,000 MWh/year was built on the site of the old structure, and the lock thoroughly renovated at the same time. The Hérinnes project is almost identical to that carried out at Kain.

ENGIE Fabricom’s role

ENGIE Fabricom is supplying and installing the electrical and electromechanical equipment for both the new weir and modernisation work on the existing lock. We are resorting to virtually every kind of waterway technical equipment currently relevant and available for these projects, such as:

  • a hydroelectric power plant (three large Archimedes’ screws)
  • mechanical and hydraulic equipment, more specifically for the dam
  • power current and LV current
  • automation and supervision

The works mainly concern the delivery and installation of:

  • the two valves which move the new dam (cylinders and their connections, pipes, hydraulic units)
  • the valve hinge bearings (supply only)
  • the three hydrodynamic screws and associated control valves for the hydroelectric power plant
  • the overhead crane in the hydroelectric power station building
  • the transformer station
  • the emergency generator
  • the main LV switchboards
  • the electrical installation in the control building
  • the electrical wiring of the entire site
  • the outdoor lighting
  • the control system (sensors, PLCs, control panel) for the entire lock, dam and hydroelectric power station
  • intercom system, VHF and river signs
  • fibre-optic connection

At Hérinnes, we also installed a 2.5-km long HV line to the Schelde bridge in Warcoing.