For brewing to proceed at its best, the installations have to work correctly

Beer is the national drink in Belgium, with breweries scattered all over the country. Expertise is essential to make sure these complex industrial installations with extremely precise processes continue to work properly. ENGIE Fabricom builds and maintains such installations, and we are regularly contracted by breweries such as Chimay, AB Inbev and Mertens. We make sure that their machines and installations operate according to the highest technical standards, which in turn guarantees they make the best Belgian beer.

From the electrical installation to piping and machine safety

A brewery system is a sophisticated process, designed to make an excellent beverage from various ingredients. The installation therefore requires proper care, without any improvisation in terms of electrical, mechanical or control equipment. Our work varies from simple adjustments through to complex all-in projects, which together make sure brewers can get the best out of their installations.

ENGIE Fabricom’s role

At Chimay, our tasks included electrical work on the new bottling line:

  • renovation and installation of an HV and LV substation;
  • installation of a generator capable of supplying power to the two production sites;
  • synchronisation with the mains power supply.

At the AB Inbev brewery in Jupille, we were responsible for the electrical and mechanical improvement works and the piping, among other things. We also took care of the protection of the transport lines (new sensors, monitoring of bottles, etc.).

At the Martens brewery, we were responsible for:

  • installing a cleaning in place (CIP) installation
  • cabling (instrumentation)