Renovation of more than 2,600 sites

ENGIE Fabricom is helping the Belgian telecom operator Telenet to modernise its mobile network, which it acquired from BASE in 2015. Our teams are heavily involved in the operational rollout, and renewing installations at record speed at more than 2,600 sites.

Historical takeover

In April 2015, Telenet unveiled its mobile telephony ambitions by acquiring the BASE network in a historic takeover. Telenet’s aim is to manage its infrastructure independently and invest in it as necessary, growing accordingly into Belgium’s top mobile telephony service provider and responding to the convergence of mobile and fixed networks.

ENGIE Fabricom’s role

ENGIE Fabricom is working alongside PTM and ZTE on modernising approximately 2,600 sites. Our teams are responsible for the operational installation and physical replacement of transmitting equipment and cabling.

This new partnership with Telenet confirms ENGIE Fabricom’s position as a key supplier of multiple technical services and solutions in the telecommunications sector. The renovation of this strategic network also reflects our operational capacity for carrying out large projects in record time.