Ultra-fast internet via fibre optics

Proximus launched the pilot project “Fiber-to-the-home” so it could offer its customers even faster internet connections. ENGIE Fabricom was selected to roll out this technology first in Brussels, then later in Ghent and Deurne.

Unique in the telecom world

Proximus already uses fibre-optic cables up to the distribution points close to the homes of its end customers (Fibre-to-the-cabinet), so copper cables are only used to transfer data over the last few metres, Bringing fibre-optics right to the end customer is unique in the world of telecom. The advantages of fibre-optic networks are their high stability, extreme speed, and wide bandwidths. Proximus is the first telecom operator to use them on the Belgian market.

ENGIE Fabricom’s role

We are taking care of the complete roll-out of Proximus’ “Fibre-to-the-home” project.

  • Engineering
  • Earthworks to install the fibre-glass conduits
  • Fibre-optic cable blowing
  • Installation of fibre-optic cables until buildings’ walls
  • Fibre-optic welding
  • Connections at the end customer