Designed for SMEs that want to generate their own green energy

In order to provide more options for generating green energy, ENGIE entered into a commercial agreement with the Belgian manufacturer Fairwind. This company makes small wind turbines with vertical axes with a capacity between 10 and 50 kW, making them ideal for SMEs and farms. Th turbines supply locally-generated green energy, reducing electricity costs by 10 to 30%. It is part of ENGIE’s drive to expand its range of green, innovative solutions for B2B customers.

Walloon Water Company installs Fairwind

Fairwind’s small wind turbines on vertical axes offer numerous benefits: they are robust, the design is simple, and they are much quieter than large wind turbines. These wind turbines in a way that does not disturb the environment, and provide carbon-free local energy. In addition, they reduce electricity costs by 10 to 30%. There are two versions of the small wind turbines, one 10 metres high, the other 30 metres high. The larger model was installed in Écaussinnes for the Walloon water company, and will generate 100 MWh per year. That is equivalent to the entire consumption of about 20 families.

ENGIE Fabricom’s role

  • Carrying out feasibility and efficiency studies
  • Following up the licence application
  • Requesting subsidy and reserving green energy certificates
  • Installing the wind turbine and connecting it to the electricity grid
  • Maintaining the turbine
  • Quotation for the purchase of green energy certificates
  • Selling excess energy to the grid