In 2018, Sint-Maarten Hospital combined its three former campuses (Rooienberg in Duffel, and Leopoldstraat and Zwartzustersvest in Mechelen) into a single new hospital. The complex covers an area of 100,000 m², with space for 750 beds. ENGIE was contracted for all the technical management, from the supply of medical gases and electricity to heating and cooling.

A single point of contact for all technical equipment

ENGIE Fabricom and ENGIE Axima bundled their resources and know-how, and were awarded the technical management tender, which meant that the client had a single point of contact for all the technical equipment. There were times when as many as 250 of ENGIE’s employees were working on the construction site at the same time, sharing their knowledge and experience. This successful collaboration perfectly demonstrates the synergy present within ENGIE.

Energy efficiency and sustainability

One of the major challenges faced by hospitals in the modern world is providing high-quality care within a strict legal framework, and with ever-tighter budget constraints. This is only possible with highly-efficient management, especially when it comes to energy consumption, as energy costs make a considerable impact on a hospital’s cash resources.

ENGIE looked very closely at maximising sustainability, so rainwater is collected to flush toilets, for example. In addition, a BTES (Borehole Thermal Energy Storage) was built under the parking area, with 200 wells for storing energy underground. During the summer, the cold water stored in the winter is used for cooling, and during the winter, the hot water stored in the summer is used to pre-heat the cold ventilation air. There are also two cogeneration systems, which means that the hospital only has to use its large boilers when absolutely necessary.

ENGIE Fabricom was responsible for:

  • the integrated building management system that ensures optimal coordination between all the investments in energy-saving measures
    electrical systems
  • HVAC installation
  • plumbing
  • pneumatic tubes
  • cleanroom technology
  • patient call system
  • medical gas installation
  • IT and communication infrastructure
  • security systems