Safeguard energy supplies

Data centres consume enormous amounts of energy. ENGIE Fabricom was commissioned by Elia to build a double underground connection with three 150 kV power cables for an average energy consumption of 40 GWh for Crystal Computing’s renewed data centre near Saint-Ghislain.

In order to safeguard the energy supply to the data centre in the future, we also built a double underground 150-kV connection in the form of a 17.25-km pipeline under main roads and the canal, between the HV substation at Ville-sur-Haine and Petit Marais 2.

Precision horizontal drilling

Laying the cables required specialist drilling in rocky ground, under major obstacles such as the Nimy Canal.

Our teams have the necessary expertise in horizontal directional drilling (HDD), so we can execute underground infrastructure projects according to the ‘no-dig’ principle. There are three major advantages to this accurate and efficient technique:

  1. less environmental hindrance
  2. rapid execution
  3. minimal soil disturbance

We have our own HDD machines which can drill holes with diameters of up to 600 mm up to lengths of 600 m, so we can provide all the installation services required for utility conduits under our own management, without being dependent on subcontractors.

ENGIE Fabricom’s role

ENGIE Fabricom was also responsible for:

  • digging trenches over a distance of about 11 km alongside main roads and the Chemin de Halage.
  • 14 directional drill holes
  • installing two 4-km protective conduits
  • inserting 150-kV cables and tubes for fibre-optics