Maintenance and innovation

Our employees are responsible for the daily maintenance of the technical installations. We are constantly exploiting our innovative technologies to develop new solutions that make the flow of passengers and luggage smoother, more comfortable and safer.

ENGIE Fabricom’s role

At Brussels Airport, we are responsible for:

  • Electrical and electromechanical installations in airport buildings
    • Power currents and LV currents, electrical boards, lighting, public address systems, announcement boards (IDS)
  • Energy systems and networks
    • HV and LV networks
    • Transformer stations
    • Telecommunications networks
    • Lightning protection
  • Airfield signalling and airport infrastructure
    • Lighting on take-off and landing runways and access roads
    • Substations for power supply and control of runway lights, regulators, power and control equipment
    • Power 400 Hz and PCA (pre-conditioned air)
    • Airplane docking guiding systems
    • Precision approach path indicators and runway lights
    • Passenger boarding bridges
  • Air traffic control towers and control centres
    • Delivery and installation of furniture for radar and radio control
    • Delivery, placing and commissioning of equipment for VHF, UHF and HF radio telecommunications and teletransmission
  • Meteorological equipment
    • Installation of necessary equipment, such as synoptic wind measuring stations, meteorological radar, etc.
  • Baggage handling and screening systems
    • Design, delivery, installation and commissioning of baggage handling systems
    • Design and installation of FIDS systems (Flight Information Display Systems) and BIDS systems (Baggage Information Display Systems)
    • Implementation of SAC systems (Sorting Allocation Software) (Bagstage)
    • Implementation of MIS (Management Information Software) systems
    • Implementation of online monitoring and reporting systems (big data)
    • 24/7 hotline for software and hardware problems (Bagstage)
  • Integrated security management
    • Access control, badge readers and fire protection
    • Camera surveillance (CCTV, ANPR cameras, face recognition, VCA)
    • Fibre fence intrusion detection over 4 km as first line of defence, thermal VCA cameras as second line of defence
    • AAC & fast lane gates for boarding control
    • Barcowall
    • Central management of alarms and interfaces (control room)
    • Interfaces with other systems, such as vending machines (PLCs), key cabinets, video and parlophone, Taxiflow, Federal Police, Navtech Security Radar, fibre fence detection
    • All technical equipment integrated in a physical security integration manager (PSIM) or building management system (BMS)
    • Concept, installation, maintenance & system administration