Respect for heritage and energy efficiency

Bouillon Castle, which towers above the Semois River, is the oldest feudal building in Belgium. By upgrading the night lighting with LED technology, the teams from ENGIE Fabricom made sure that this castle could also be enjoyed in full at night.

An important factor in this lighting project was respecting the site’s historical value, so the cabling and the lighting elements had to be applied discretely, without damaging the building. The castle is built on top of a rock, so installers could not use an aerial platform to access the outer walls.

Instead, we used steeplejacks who are used to working at height, and trained them to install the equipment.

ENGIE Fabricom’s role

  • The project was designed by Belgian agency Radiance35, which is specialised in lighting historic sites. ENGIE Fabricom was responsible for the external installations and the projectors placed on the castle’s walls and facades.
  • 4 km of cables and 162 light points were used to complete the installation. It was decided to use LEDs for all the lighting, which means 80% less energy is consumed than with a conventional installation.
  • The nature of the site meant the facades could not be accessed from outside with elevated platforms, and the interior spaces were cramped, so we contracted steeplejacks who are used to working at height. They were specially trained by our teams to install the equipment.