An innovative solution for designing and making complex pieces

As 3D printing shows, disruptive innovations often lead to fundamental evolutions, which is why ENGIE Fabricom is investing heavily in this technology. Customers are offered an all-in service, from design and engineering to the finished product, including testing.

Made-to-measure, quickly and efficiently

ENGIE Fabricom has been investing in 3D metal printing services for a number of years, which means we can produce highly complex parts with internal structures for customers when these are needed for maintenance or repair. There are lots of benefits in using this technology:

  • Perfection of your product: 3D metal printing gives you an enormous amount of design freedom. Your end product can be perfected in terms of heat transfer, flow, weight or integrated functionality.
  • Design of complex parts: based on their specific functions and the customer’s specific needs.
  • Faster and cheaper: assembling complex parts and making castings are often labour-intensive and time-consuming tasks. 3D metal printing allows us to produce large assemblies or parts in a single pass, which reduces costs and turnaround times for our customers.
  • Better availability of spare parts: we first make a CAD model based on 3D scanning and reverse engineering, which allows us to produce a perfected version of the model with 3D metal printing. That removes the need to keep a stock of spare parts.

In order to gain more insight into all the possibilities of 3D printing, and to use this expertise to apply the technology even more effectively, we’re collaborating with Laborelec and KU Leuven.

ENGIE Fabricom’s role

ENGIE Fabricom is the right partner to guide you through your entire project: from finding the right applications, through design, redesign and engineering, to finished product. We also take care of extensive testing and the associated approvals.

All the 3D metal printing is done in our workshop in Zwijndrecht. It is combined with CNC machining to guarantee the correct tolerances and smoothnesses.