In addition to its position as market leader in the design, realization and maintenance of multi-technical installations and services in Belgium, Fabricom also has a number of subsidiaries at home and abroad.

ENGIE Fleet Belgium

ENGIE Fleet is responsible for managing the company cars of most ENGIE group companies in Belgium. In 2017, the company managed a fleet consisting of more than 7,000 leased passenger cars, vans and light trucks under 3.5 tonnes. This makes them one of the largest fleet managers in Belgium.
You can contact ENGIE Fleet for a wide range of services, including:

  • Drafting your fleet policy
  • Create personalized catalogue of passenger and commercial vehicles
  • Administrative management of your fleet
  • Optimization of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Research and layout of a mobility plan

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Porteyes Belgium

PortEyes offers solutions for the security of buildings, construction sites and events with high-quality systems for remote monitoring. Their offer consists of both fixed and mobile solutions, depending on the customer’s needs.

PortEyes also has its own control and remote monitoring centre. Experienced operators are present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and concentrate on the monitoring of your installations. They are trained to respond appropriately and permanently analyze every possible risk. They also perform virtual rounds and can enable or disable remote alarms.

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SOLELEC Luxembourg

Solelec is the reference in Luxembourg in the field of engineering, realization of electrical installations, integration of low-voltage systems and maintenance and is mainly active in the construction, infrastructure, industrial and energy sectors. The more than 150 qualified employees have been offering innovative technological solutions for more than 20 years. Solelec has its own engineering office for electrical engineering and a cabling workshop that specializes in the realization of electrical distribution and automation cabinets.

In cooperation with ENGIE Fabricom or other entities of the ENGIE Group, they also offer global multi-technical maintenance contracts for industrial and tertiary installations.

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ENERGOLUX Luxembourg

Energolux was founded in 1982 and is engaged in the planning and realization of projects in the field of electricity distribution and production. The company has been part of the ENGIE group since the end of 2008 and currently has about 60 employees.

The company has built up extensive know-how over the years and focuses on three main activities:

  • Electricity distribution: medium and low voltage
  • Ensuring the electricity supply: emergency generators and “no-break” systems
  • The production of electricity by means of cogeneration based on natural gas or biogas.

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ENGIE Fabricom United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, ENGIE fabricom specializes in Energy Consultancy and Offshore Services. They offer end-to-end solutions to their customers thanks to their unique position in the market of engineering, design, purchase and construction. They can rely on a high level of technical skills and a wide range of experience in various industrial sectors such as oil, gas, electricity, chemicals and renewable energy.

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ENGIE Fabricom Canada

In Canada, ENGIE Fabricom has 30 years of experience in modular and tank construction with specific know-how in Piping & Mechanical, Electricity & Instrumentation and Automation & Process Control.

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ENGIE Fabricom Offshore services – Den Helder

Fabricom Offshore Services is a leading contractor in the offshore market, offering know-how and experience in construction, modification, operations, maintenance and service. We provide multi-disciplinary (mechanical, electrical and instrumental) expertise and solutions to clients in the upstream oil and gas and renewable energy markets.

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