Smooth service across the board

ENGIE Fabricom On-Site Machining performs activities and repairs your machines on your site. Our specialised technicians come to you with their mobile tools so that it is no longer necessary to assemble, disassemble and transport your equipment to a workshop, thus saving you time and money. Your installation is back up and running more quickly.

All types of processing and repair of machinery

  • Facing of flanges and cleaning up of packing faces
  • Treatment of cylinders
  • Broaching activities for holes and bores (from 1 mm to 12 m), for example screw shaft tubes
  • Drilling, milling, grinding and tapping activities
  • Innovation and custom work

Thanks to our many years of experience and in-depth expertise, we can go beyond the standard machining activities. For extreme dimensions or in other specific cases we look for innovative customized solutions. We have the knowledge, the equipment and the stock of materials to carry out all activities. Thus we are also happy to assume responsibility for the work preparation and the design of adaptations.

Spark erosion: faster and more efficient than traditional boring out

Where necessary we apply spark erosion, an innovative technology for removing bolts, taps and hard metal pieces from machines. The technology requires only a minimum amount of power and is applicable to hard to reach places, even under water. Moreover, spark erosion works up to eight times faster than the traditional boring out method.

Main advantages

  • Fast on-site service
  • A strong team of motivated technicians
  • Many years of experience and extensive know-how
  • Comprehensive stock of materials and efficient logistics
  • Innovative bespoke solutions
  • Partner who thinks along