For the proper functioning of all your measurement and control devices

ENGIE Fabricom On-Site Instrumentation & Calibration focuses completely and exclusively on measurement and control technology. For this our technicians have extremely good technical knowledge for adjusting and calibrating various pressure, temperature, level and flow meters. They can also perform minor repair works. Some of our measurement and control technicians have the training and experience to lead projects and worksites and carry out complex assignments.

From periodic adjustments to emergency Interventions

  • Adjustment, repair, inspection and preventive maintenance
    • Electronic and pneumatic equipment: transmitters, controllers, recorders, switches and more
    • PLC systems
    • DCS systems
  • Day-to-day maintenance
    • Troubleshooting
    • Running tests of (sub)installations
    • inspection, monitoring and optimization
  • Commissionning of new installations
    • Pre-calibration
    • Running tests
    • Start-up and commissioning
  • Interventions during shutdowns and start-ups

100 instrument and control technicians of differing levels

Our technicians come to your site for the adjustment and calibration. We choose the right person for each assignment. For example, we have people who can run a worksite or project, who can draft technical reports and procedures, who can make suggestions for improvements and hold toolbox meetings. But we also have the right staff for simpler assignments. The starting point is always that your assignment must be carried out in a correct, safe and environmentally friendly manner.