In collaboration with VSE, ENGIE Fabricom installed the new LED lighting in the Montgomery Tunnel, which was reopened for traffic on Tuesday 13 December to the great relief of those commuting to Brussels.

Tunnels are usually equipped with lighting systems that permanently provide basic lighting over the entire length of the tunnel. This basic lighting is supplemented with additional adaptive lighting at the entrances to the tunnel, which changes intensity according to the brightness of the light outside. This adaptive lighting increases the safety and visual comfort of drivers, who are not faced with a sudden difference in lighting when entering the tunnel as would be the case otherwise.

The basic lighting represents the lion’s share of the energy consumption, as it is switched on day and night throughout the year.

The replacement of traditional TL-based lighting with much more energy-efficient LED-based equipment results in considerable ecological and technological savings.

Compared to traditional fluorescent lamps, the new LED lighting in the Montgomery tunnel reduces electricity consumption by more than 60%, so ecological impact is impressive: annual savings of 50 tonnes of CO2. From an economic point of view, these savings mean the investment pays itself back quickly.

In addition to the consumption and maintenance savings, this LED installation also offers many advantages and possibilities for the future, such as better visual comfort tanks to a more natural light colour, central lighting management with fault detection system, the option of detailed adjustments to the light intensity according to various parameters (traffic, accident or incident in the tunnel), etc.
This work is being executed on commission and under the supervision of the Ministry of the Brussels-Capital Region.