Together with ENGIE Tractebel and Macq, ENGIE Fabricom is rolling out an intelligent transport system in Namur, which will improve the coordination of road traffic and public transport. Smoother traffic, fewer traffic jams and a better blend of traffic will also improve air quality.

Better information from better traffic flow measurements

The are 2 parts to this prestigious mobility project. An electronic network in the city that can assess the traffic situation in real time was needed to better manage future traffic flows, so ENGIE Fabricom is installing a monitoring system with:

  • 13 traffic cameras
  • 32 ANPR cameras
  • 6 air-quality measuring devices
  • a parking system that monitors the availability of 50 car parking spaces and shared bicycles in the city (Libia Vélo).

Dynamic signs and website

The data collected will be used to efficiently manage traffic flows through the city. Dynamic signs will provide drivers with information about the traffic they can expect to encounter, and the remaining time to their destinations. Similar signs at crucial points and bus stations will provide information on alternatives using public transport. This information will also be made available on a clear website.

Efficient travel

Since both residents and visitors will have access to real-time, transparent travel information, they will be able to make an informed choice about the best means of transport for them. Sometimes, public transport will be the quickest way to reach a destination, sometimes the car will be the fastest alternative. On other occasions, a combination of the two will be best.

The system will reduce the numbers of cars and trucks endlessly driving around the city, reduce the amount of traffic jams, and stop drivers holding up other traffic when looking for a free parking space. All this will improve air quality, and ultimately contribute to making the city a better place to live.