ENGIE Fabricom is investing heavily in its Hoboken site, with 48 new employees, the expansion of services for offshore wind farms and a new office building

Press release

ENGIE Fabricom, affiliate of the ENGIE Group, is investing heavily in its site in Hoboken, where Offshore High Voltage Stations (OHVS) are being built and assembled for offshore wind farms. A new office building is currently under construction and 48 new jobs will be added. On top of that, the services and competences for offshore wind farms are being extended to maintenance and monitoring and all knowledge related to offshore wind energy is being centralized in a center of expertise. With the investments in the site, ENGIE Fabricom confirms its position as a European leader in the field of modular construction and services for the offshore industry.

From its Hoboken site, ENGIE Fabricom offers integrated solutions and services in the field of engineering, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning of modules for large-scale applications, mainly high-voltage stations for offshore wind farms. ENGIE Fabricom is currently building two high-voltage substations and their substructure for SeaMade, with 487 MW the largest Belgian offshore wind farm in the North Sea.

An Offshore High Voltage Station (OHVS) forms the link between the individual wind turbines. It converts the energy produced (under a voltage of 33 or 66 kV) to a voltage of 220 kV and transports it via an export cable to the transmission network on land. In recent years, ENGIE Fabricom has won many major projects for the construction of offshore wind farms in the North Sea, including the construction of high-voltage substations for Norther, Merkur and Hohe See.

Due to the strong growth of these activities, ENGIE Fabricom is now investing 5 million euros in its site in Hoboken. Since 2012, 12 million euros have been invested, mainly for the expansion of the production hall, a new supply building and the expansion of the on-site work area. A new office building is currently under construction, with an total area of 3,300 m², that will not only accommodate a hundred employees who are currently employed in Hoboken, but also 48 new colleagues the company is looking for, mainly technical profiles, such as engineers, technicians and project leaders. Both starters and more experienced candidates are being considered. For more information, candidates can visit the ENGIE Fabricom website. The new office building will be ready by the summer of 2020.

Finally, the services and competences for offshore wind farms are also expanding. In addition to the current EPCIC activities (“engineering-procurement-construction-installation-commissioning”), ENGIE Fabricom will now also offer its services and competencies for maintaining the entire wind farms and remote monitoring. The latter is done from a newly established expertise center on the Hoboken site, where all the offshore knowledge and experience of 30 years within the ENGIE Group is bundled. In collaboration with other entities of the Group such as research center ENGIE Laborelec, engineering specialist Tractebel ENGIE and the maintenance support entity European Maintenance Support, the OHVS and wind turbines could be monitored remotely and autonomously. The new expertise center will continually explore new techniques and technologies for the offshore industry.

Mark Dirckx, CEO ENGIE Fabricom:  “Offshore wind energy has a very strong potential in the current energy and climate challenges and will undoubtedly grow strongly by 2030. With this new investment of 5 million euros from ENGIE Fabricom in the Hoboken site, 48 new employees and the expansion of its services , we remain committed to the development of offshore wind and we contribute to ENGIE’s ambition to be the leader of the ‘zero carbon’ transition ‘as a service’. Also in the context of offshore wind energy we want to offer our customers the “zero carbon” transition “as a service”: manage the complexity of the transition for them and develop integrated solutions that offer them satisfaction and comfort. “