The temporary joint venture “THV Kieldrechtbruggen”, consisting of ENGIE Fabricom, steel construction company Aelterman and hydraulic engineer Hye, was awarded the contract in 2017 by the company NV Deurganckdoksluis, after the Maritime Access Department (AMT) of the Flemish Government ordered the construction and installation of two additional bridges over Kieldrecht Lock. Employees at the Department of Water & Automation North are responsible for the electromechanical parts of the work.

Improved road transport

Kieldrecht Lock was officially opened in 2016, and is the largest lock in the world. It was decided to install two additional bridges alongside the two existing ones to optimise traffic flows in the port. The new bridges are an impressive 97-m long, 15-m high and 12-m wide.

ENGIE Fabricom’s role

ENGIE Fabricom is responsible for installing the electromechanical components of these enormous structures. This work is being carried out at the site of the company Aelterman, and includes installing cables and lighting in advance, so that the bridge can be transported ready for installation.

At the Kieldrecht Lock location, ENGIE Fabricom is already preparing the electrical and mechanical elements, so that the new bridge sections can be swiftly connected on arrival.

ENGIE Fabricom already has lots of experience in this type of project, such as the similar bascule bridge installed by our colleagues in 2017 along the A11 between Bruges and Knokke.

The numbers

The bridges are opened and closed by:

  • 3 hydraulic pump units with a capacity of 200 kW each
  • 2 hydraulic cylinders with an outer diameter of 0.9 m and a length of 15 m in the extended position (bridge in open position), weighing 43 tonnes each.