Engineering, fabrication, service and assembly of steel and mechanical installations are part of the core activities of ENGIE Fabricom. Whether it concerns new installations, renovation or maintenance, through our regional divisions we can provide you with all techniques at any location. Our expertise in welding techniques is known worldwide and guarantees you an optimal result in complete safety. Thanks to our network of workshops, we also optimize work preparation and prefabrication.

The techniques are primarily intended for sectors where heavy mechanical equipment is very common: petrochemicals, chemicals, refineries, the iron steel industry, the cement and glass industry and the energy sector. We have specialized teams in-house for each industry with the knowledge of the specific sector-linked obligations and expectations.

Our long experience in the construction of classic power plants, nuclear power plants, cogeneration plants and combined cycle plants explains our strong presence in the nuclear and energy segment. We also frequently apply our skills in mechanical engineering in the heavy industries, such as the iron and steel industry or the cement and glass industry.

Our expertise

  • On-site assembly and installation of electromechanical or thermal equipment
  • Prefabrication of skids and modules
  • Overhaul of machines
  • Welding constructions and mechanical parts
  • Mechanical constructions
  • Renovation of mechanical parts
  • On site alignment and adjustment work
  • Installation and maintenance of industrial boilers
  • Lubrication contracts
  • Process engineering of thermal systems