Over the years, ENGIE Fabricom has built up a solid reputation in the international airport market. ENGIE Fabricom services are popular at Belgian airports, but the company also operates at many other airports around the globe. In fact, ENGIE Fabricom is active in various continents at 44 airports, where it is a trusted supplier of complete systems for the control and management of passengers and baggage. Our innovative strategies and innovations have showed time and time again how valued and indispensable we are as a partner. We work together with our customers constantly on finding new ways of further refining passenger and baggage processes.

Luggage handling systems

In ENGIE Fabricom’s role as an integrator, we develop software that allows 2-way communication between every part of the baggage handling system. We can also arrange for existing or new baggage systems to communicate with each other if this is requested by a customer, so that baggage is directed to the right aircraft from the check-in counter via the baggage system.
Flexibility is our trademark. We strive to provide each customer with personalised service tailored to their needs, regardless of the application. Our report tool ensures that the end user gets a comprehensive overview of what the system is doing and how it is performing.

Bag drop solutions

U-drop is our self-service check-in counter, and the result of years of research. It allows passengers to check in their baggage with just 2 scans and a single click. On average, the procedure is 4 times faster than the classic check-in, so it means airports can handle more passengers in less time.
Bag drop solutions have made a massive impact in recent years. Passengers can use these self-service check-in counters to check in their own baggage and reserve their seats. ENGIE Fabricom has invested in this innovative system, and installed such counters in various airports.
In 2018, we signed a cooperation agreement with IER, a world player in self-drop systems, so we are now in a position to install these systems at more airports. IER supplies the hardware, and ENGIE Fabricom is responsible for the integration.

Tray Return Systems (TRS)

The screening lanes for hand luggage have been considerably updated over the last few years. ENGIE Fabricom has had a pioneering role, and installed a complete hand luggage screening platform with TRS machines. 25 TRS lanes were installed at Brussels Airport, making it the largest screening platform in Europe.
TRS machines automatically load and unload the containers in which hand luggage is placed, improving the experience for passengers. This system is also quieter than the traditional manual version.
ENGIE Fabricom also helped integrate remote screening, so the security agent who screens the images no longer needs to be next to the screening machine, but can sit in a quiet, separate room. Since there is less distraction and noise, the agent can do his or her job better, and safety increases.
With the installation at Brussels Airport, ENGIE Fabricom acquired a pioneering role in integrating remote screening on a complete screening platform.

Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS)

ENGIE Fabricom possesses the know-how and software required to display flight information in all its forms to passengers, visitors and airport staff. The applications are always designed around the customer, and adapted according to the location.

Sorting Allocation Software (S.A.C.-systems)

In the early 1990s, ENGIE Fabricom designed a baggage sorting system for Brussels Airport. The software was further developed, and ultimately led to Bag2000. The current baggage sorting systems that ENGIE Fabricom installs worldwide are based on this software, which is constantly updated and improved to respond to demands from the market.


Airports possess a vast amount of data, that is extremely valuable when it comes to improving processes. The problem here is not the availability of the data, it is the sheer quantity which makes analysis difficult. At the request of our customers, we developed Air’NG. This powerful and innovative tool allows processes to be followed faster and more efficiently, and can be used for a wide range of applications. Air’NG is currently also used by other departments in the ENGIE group.

Implementation of M.I.S.-systems (Management Information Software)

An MIS system is designed to improve control and monitoring of the various installations. The software uses clear pictograms or coloured diagrams to improve the visualisation of any alarms which occur, which mean operators can react more quickly.

24/7 support

Our technicians maintain ENGIE Fabricom installations around the globe. Our customers can reach us 24/7 via the help counter. The help counter has lots of tools which can help in proactively identifying any issues. This prevent problems arising, to the extent that the customer is often unaware that a possible problem was identified.