Indoor and outdoor lighting systems

The priority when illuminating public spaces, both indoors and outdoors, is that the lighting fulfils its function. Lighting adapted to the situation is a basic requirement for avoiding accidents, improving road safety, and making people feel safe both indoors and outdoors. The innovative lighting systems designed and installed by ENGIE Fabricom are also used for aesthetic or architectural purposes, and help authorities and companies meet their sustainable energy ambitions.

Indoor lighting

ENGIE Fabricom designs, installs and maintains indoor lighting systems for offices, business premises, residential complexes, car parks, etc. These are based on ease of use, safety and seamless integration into the architectural context. We prefer innovative solutions and new technologies, so you can be sure of a sustainable solution that will also reduce your energy costs.

Outdoor lighting

We have a wide range of solutions for lighting public outdoor spaces.

  • Public car parks, loading and unloading areas, sports arenas – we use eco-friendly, competitively-priced solutions to light roads, motorways, car parks, stations, loading and unloading sites, and sports arenas. LED technology is increasingly becoming the standard.
  • Tunnel – There are two tunnel lighting systems. Besides basic roadway lighting, we install intelligent adaptive tunnel lighting, controlled by light sensors outside the tunnel which measure ambient light intensity. It means road users do not suddenly have to adapt their eyes to being in a dark tunnel, so it improves safety. Escape route marker lights guide road users to emergency exits in case of incidents or emergencies. Emergency lighting provides tunnel emergency exits with sufficient illumination.
  • Urban – Village centres, city squares, and historic sites and parks are increasingly looking for flexible solutions that not only keep traffic safe and people feeling secure, but which also enhance these unique environments at night. Light should add an extra dimension to these areas, making them more attractive for residents, passers-by and tourists.
  • Architectural lighting – Our lighting solutions for special buildings and monuments in the landscape really bring out the best in these landmarks at night. When designing this lighting, we carefully study the best way of placing lighting to avoid damaging anything.
  • Airport lane guidance systems – Visual guidance systems for aircraft taking off and landing, and airport taxi zones.