Making waterways safer and more efficient

ENGIE Fabricom has solid expertise in installing and maintaining port and waterway technical infrastructures, as well as electronic systems for maritime environments. The company handles the electronic, electrical and electromechanical installations involved in bridges, locks, weirs, dams and hydroelectric power plants. It also supplies equipment for water treatment stations, drinking water production plants and pumping stations.

Our solutions

Electromechanical equipment in hydraulic systems

  • Sea locks with rolling gates, inland waterway locks with mitre and lifting gates
  • Mobile bridges, vertical-lift bridges, swing bridges
  • Radially adjustable weirs, flap gate weirs and portable weirs
  • Flood gates for flood control
  • Inclined planes and hydraulic lifts
  • Hydroelectric power stations with Archimedes screws
  • Pumping stations
  • Rake screens
  • Automation and monitoring of engineering structures

More info about hydraulic systems for waterways and ports.

Technologies for waterways and shipping

  • Remote control and monitoring of engineering structures
  • Fitting out technical buildings, control buildings, and control rooms for remote operation and surveillance
  • Shore side electricity supply terminals for sea-going and inland shipping
  • Access control, public address systems, CCTV installation and marine radio communications
  • Dredging information and water control systems
  • Navigational assistance and radar systems
  • Port lighting and navigational aids

Telemetric and tele management systems

  • Sensors
    • Hydrological sensors for current, tide, lightning, wave height, wind and multipara meters
    • DGPS (Differential Global Positioning Systems)
    • Measurement buoys for swave height, current, tide and hydrometeorology
    • Data logging and acquisition
    • Navigational assistance
  • Radar systems, AIS and VTS
    • Port lighting and navigational aids
  • Systems for offshore renewable energy
    • Weather, AIS, ATIS/AWOS, SCADA, wave energy
  • Installation and maintenance of equipment on government vessels (military and merchant shipping)

Water treatment

  • Electromechanical and structural equipment for water treatment stations, drinking water production facilities and pumping stations
  • Water treatment installations for swimming pools and wellness projects
  • Engineering and design of new-build, renovation and optimization projects
  • Installation of all mechanical and electrical systems
  • In the case of combined projects, we find a suitable civil construction partner (installation is done under our responsibility)
  • Coordination between electromechanical and civil construction
  • Automation and supervision of the entire project
  • Commissioning, Maintenance, Operation
  • Solutions to specific water treatment and pumping station challenges