Our Know-how on and around the rails

Our experienced technicians design, install, commission and maintain the electrical and electromechanical apparatus and equipment for your tram, metro and train projects. We guarantee the work will be of high quality carried out safely.

Our solutions

Electromechanical works (low-voltage)

  • Fibre optic cables
  • Security (intrusion platform and fire detection, CCTV, etc.)
  • Passenger information signage
  • Communication equipment (telecom, data, etc.)
  • Tunnel equipment (radio, dynamic evacuation guidance system, etc.)
  • Platform and station equipment
  • Automation, telemetry and monitoring
  • Low-power electronic equipment for moving vehicles (bus/tram)


  • Preparatory studies, follow through, fitting and connection of catenary systems


  • Safety systems (ETCS, TBL, etc.)
  • Train detection
  • Rail turnout control and heating
  • Installing and connecting cables
  • Earthworks, excavation and trenching
  • Route operating centres
  • Drilling beneath the track

More info about Catenary and signalling

Electromechanical works (High Voltage)

  • High-voltage transmission towers and traction substations (up to 240 kV)
  • Rectifier and transformer stations
  • Earthworks, trenching and cabling
  • Lighting, heating, ventilation and motive power
  • Pumping stations and piping
  • Electrical control room, panels, cells and transformers
  • Direct current equipment
  • Tram, metro and train depot and workshop equipment
  • Structural steelwork