Our offer and machine park

The latest metal techniques under one roof

ENGIE Fabricom Maintenance, Services & Products focuses on all kinds of maintenance activities, overhaul of pumps and valves, maintenance of rotary machines, machine building, machining and 3D metal printing. We combine the latest techniques with the highest quality and fastest delivery times.

Our services

  • Lathes
    • Conventional, teach-in and CNC-controlled lathes
    • Work piece clamping up to ø2500mm x 4000mm
    • Prototyping, piece- and series work
  • Milling work
    • Milling machines with a range up to X4000mm, Y1300mm, Z1800mm
    • 5-axis simultaneous milling work
    • CAD/CAM system (HyperMILL®)
    • Work on both simple and more complex forms
  • Machine building
    • Total projects from design to manufacture, assembly and installation
    • Own study agency
    • Revision of machines and parts
    • One point of contact
    • 6 work stations Autodesk Inventor
  • 3D scanning and reverse engineering
    • Measure your object very accurately in 3D
    • Ideal basis for new designs
    • Preparation of measurement reports
  • 3D metal printing
    • Selective laser melting in AISI 316, Inconel, aluminium,…
    • Rapid printing of complex parts or compositions
    • Pieces up to 500mm x 280mm x 365mm
  • Construction and welding
    • Electrode, autogenous, MIG/MAG, TIG welding on our universal 3D work and welding tables with precision setups
  • Quality, flexibility, speed
    • State of the art machine park
    • Thorough quality control
    • Large stock of raw materials
    • Double-team system