Optimisations and cost-efficient solutions for the industry

From concept to finished product

At ENGIE Fabricom we always determine the most efficient production method for the part you ordered. Thanks to our 3D metal printing services we can manufacture complex parts with internal structures fast and at a relatively low cost.

You can count on ENGIE Fabricom to handle your project from start to finish: from finding the right applications, across (re)design and engineering to the finished product. We also perform exhaustive testing and provide the accompanying qualification.

The entire 3D metal printing process takes place in our workshop, in combination with CNC machining to obtain the right tolerances and coarseness. For this we call upon the know-how of KULeuven and ENGIE Laborelec. Thus you can rest assured that your project meets all mechanical quality standards.

Why opt for 3D metal printing?

Optimising your product

3D metal printing gives you unprecedented freedom of design, enabling you to optimise your end product e.g. in terms of heat transmission, flow, weight or integrated functionality.

Design of complex parts

Since 3D metal printing can take place in fast cycles it is ideally suited to the fast development of prototypes. Complex parts can be optimally designed based on their specific function and in light of the customer’s individual needs.

Faster and cheaper

Assembling complex parts and making castings are often time- and labour-intensive. With 3D metal printing, large assemblies or parts can be manufactured in one go, slashing costs and cutting lead times.

Better availability of spare parts

3D metal printing meets the demand for parts that are not readily available or parts that are subject to long delivery times. First we develop a CAD model based on 3D scanning and reverse engineering. If necessary, this model can then be optimised before the actual manufacturing via 3D metal printing.