Expertise centre for panel building

There is no such thing as a universal approach for panel construction; it requires customised work. Our experts work with you on both the project-based and serial production of your automation, power or distribution panels. We offer a suitable solution for each assignment in industrial panel building. We always strive for a balance between price, quality, reliable delivery and service. Our workshop in Aartselaar is one of the largest in the Benelux, and has all the equipment to guarantee safe, high-quality production.

Our Aartselaar workshop is one of the largest in the Benelux and has all the equipment necessary for ensuring high-quality and safe production. We own one of the few Schneider licences in the Benelux for Okken panels. In addition it has built up considerable expertise in the OEM sector. We also have a cooperation agreement with ABB and have acquired experience with ABB system cabinets.

Our solutions

  • All types of panels and small distribution panels
  • Customised, in series, pre-assembled
  • Design and detailed engineering
  • Automation, motor power supplies, power supplies, etc.
  • Engravings

Panel types we frequently work with:

  • Okken panels: MCC (4 000 A – 100 kA), PCC (6 300A – 150 kA)
  • Prisma Plus (PTTA) tot 4 000 A – form 4, ICC: 85 kA
  • ABB panels: Pro E-panel & Artu L
  • Prisma GX Plus
  • GE – Modula+ (PTTA)

Main advantages

  • Broad knowledge of products, techniques and applications
  • Large production capacity
  • Brand-independent
  • Flexibility
  • Just-in-time deliveries
  • Extensive and advanced test facilities
  • Own 5,000 m2 workshops
  • Own engraving service
  • Customer service
  • More than fifty years of experience
  • Internationally active
  • Thermography for internal quality control and inspection
    at the customer´s site
  • Full service, from concept through production and
  • Infrastructure installation to training