Bending challenges into solutions

As world leading manufacturer of pipe bends, produced by induction bending, ENGIE Fabricom has the advanced technological and machine operating capabilities required to produce bends for the most advanced onshore and offshore oil and gas pipeline systems as well as specific applications in the chemical, petrochemical and energy sectors.

Our leading position is the result of experience gained throughout more than 45 years of manufacturing and development, and is fully supported by detailed test results gathered throughout this period.

ENGIE Fabricom operates 3 production lines in Grimbergen (BE) capable to bend pipes with diameters up to 64” (1.600 mm) all of which offer a high degree of flexibility in production. Our machines are computer controlled, enabling us to achieve close dimenional tolerances. ENGIE Fabricom works with all types of material, including seamless or welded pipes in carbon and stainless steel, duplex and superduplex, cladded pipes as well as the most sophisticated alloy steels.

We are able to quote for single bends, the serial production of bends, spool pieces, J-tubes and riser bends, torus pipes, etc., in all sizes, up to 64” diameter. The production of complete spools from straight pipe eliminates a lot of welding as well as its related costs and risks. By reducing welding in the system, plant integrity and safety is enhanced and inservice inspection reduced.

We offer

  • Bending of single-length pipe spools in multiple planes (2D, 3D)
  • Complete pre-fabrication of high-pressure piping systems
  • Heat treatment (stress relieving, normalizing, tempering, water quenching…)
  • End preparation: plain end, weld end preparation and tapering
  • Grit blasting and painting for shipment protection
  • Pickling and passivation
  • Internal and external coating (PE, PP, FBE, concrete weight coating…)

Our equipment

  • 3 induction bending lines for pipe diameters up to 64” (1,600 mm)
    ENGIE Fabricom operates with 3 computer controlled production lines capable to bend with diameters from 2” up to 64” (1,600 mm) all of which offer a high degree of flexibility.
  • 3 furnaces for post-weld or post-bend heat treatment
    Heat treatment might be necessary after bending, especially for heavy wall materials or special alloy steels, to restore the mechanical properties of the pipe. Such treatments include stress relief, normalizing, quenching & tempering as well as solution annealing heat treatment. The furnaces can be heated up to 1,200°C.
  • Quenching bath
  • Numerous automatic and semi-automatic welding machines
    Our pipe prefabrication workshop has a 300 ton/month capacity. More than 7,000 m² covered with workshops and 20.500 m² of crane operated storage area enables ENGIE Fabricom to offer you complete pre-fabrication of high pressure piping systems.
  • Fully-equipped machine shop
    The machine shop is fully equipped with mechanical cutting, CNC bevelling-, sawing- and drilling machines. Hydraulic pumps and hydrostatic testing pumps up to 1,600 bar.