Complete and certified services for all your technical equipment

ENGIE Fabricom Maintenance, Services and products offers you a wide range of solutions for your technical installations. With our expertise you can ensure the efficiency, reliability and availability of your devices, machines and industrial processes. Our teams are driven by the need to deliver quality performance, service optimization and customer satisfaction. They develop a customized approach for your requirements, while paying full attention to safety, health and the environment.

Our  services

  • Analyser Systems: Design, construction, installation and maintenance of analyser and skid systems in industrial environments, according to the turnkey principle.
  • Calibration Laboratory: Calibration and certification of measuring instruments in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 17025.
  • On-Site Instrumentation & Calibration: Adjustment and calibration of electronic and pneumatic equipment, PLC and DCS systems.
  • Electric Motors Repair Shop: Maintenance and overhaul of low- and high-voltage motors, including ATEX and nuclear.
  • On-Site Machining: All adaptations and repairs of machines, from standard works to customised solutions.
  • Machining & 3D Scanning: Design, construction and repair of machine parts, both large- and small-scale. Spare parts, prototypes, wide range of custom work and small series.
  • Maintenance Frame Agreements: Complete maintenance of your technical installations with a customised contract, for total peace of mind. Lubrication-tech maintenance, maintenance and overhaul of rolling bridges, comprehensive project approach and more.
  • Nuclear Services: Improvement and renovation of nuclear installations.
  • Rotating Equipment Repair Shop: Overhaul and repair of all types of rotating machines: pumps, fans, compressors, turbines, reduction,gearboxes, blowers and centrifuges.
  • On-Site Maintenance of Rotating Equipment: Preventive, predictive and corrective repairs of all types of rotating machines.
  • Panel Building: Design, construction and assembly of automation and flow distribution panels. Own engraving service.
  • Skid Construction: New build, repair and maintenance of pump container skids.
  • Valve Repair Shop: Repair of control valves, manual valves and safety valves. Complete service, from removal and repair to reintegration and commissioning.
  • Welding & Construction Shop: High-quality customised welding and construction works. TIG welding, electrode welding and semi-automatic welding.
  • Incinerators: Mechanical maintenance of incinerators and construction of machines for the sector.

High capacity and flexibility

As part of a large European organization, we can handle high volumes, in part because we have access to a large material inventory and a responsive logistical operation. We´re organised into smaller, specialised units, which also makes us highly flexible. This adaptability allows us to can handle smaller assignments, which sometimes require very specific knowledge, quickly and efficiently. Our brand independence and our broad network further augment our flexibility.

Certified environment and processes

We are equipped and organised to conform to the most demanding quality standards. Our own workshops are certified facilities: each workshop meets the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. In addition, we are certified to perform work in specific fields such as the nuclear sector or petrochemical industry.

At your site or in our fully-equipped workshops

Maintenance, overhaul and repairs are done in our own workshops or at your site. Our workshops feature most modern equipment. They can handle large volumes and dimensions, specific techniques and measurements, scanning and 3D printing. We also have the necessary measuring and testing equipment. For maintenance, overhaul and repair on site we have mobile units and, if requested, we can outsource a pool of technicians.

ENGIE Fabricom Maintenance, Services and Products has workshops in Aartselaar, Lillo , Zwijndrecht and Desetldonk, but can also come to your site.


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