100% tailor-made solutions for all your industrial needs

For industrial installations to operate efficiently and reliably, in-depth knowledge and continuous commitment are required. Whether it is electrical works, instrumentation, mechanics, industrial piping, automation, process control or specific engineering services, we are committed to provide a comprehensive and integrated solution. Our businesses cover the design, construction and maintenance of facilities and electromechanical systems for both new installations and one-off complex repair jobs. Our goal is always the same – to reconcile efficiency, quality, safety and reliability.

  • Electricity & Instrumentation

    Design, construction and maintenance of facilities and electromechanical systems.

  • Bending

    World class manufacturer of induction bends.

  • Piping & Mechanical

    Industrial pipework and mechanical equipment, from design to maintenance.

  • Automation & industrial ICT

    Integration of automation and process management systems.

  • Maintenance & Services

    Large scale of solutions for the maintenance, revision and reparations of your technical installations.

  • Panels

    Project-based and serial production of your automation, power or distribution panels.