The engineering, design, installation and modification of high-voltage substations is an expertise that ENGIE Fabricom has been mastering for over 50 years now. We offer you our unrivaled experience and know-how in substations up to 400 kV.

As a transmission or distribution system operator, industrial organization or power generation company you can count on our dedicated project team. Our highly-skilled engineers make sure that your substation complies with the highest quality and safety standards.

We have many references for both complete greenfield (EPC) projects and the more complex brownfield projects.

We are also active in maintenance on HS and MS installations, and provide services to OEMs. For this we have a team of engineers, project engineers and project managers, draughtsmen, specialized fitters and cable-laying companies.

In addition, we can use the most modern equipment and the latest test equipment for the assembly, maintenance, testing and commissioning of high voltage power stations.For the design we have the necessary specialized software tools.