Future proof ICT

ENGIE Fabricom helps telecom operators, cable distribution companies and other large companies to install and manage their internal or external communication networks. Our experts guarantee a flexible network which prepares your organisation for the challenges of tomorrow.

Our solutions

  • Media distribution networks for TV, internet and phone services
  • Fibre optic networks
    • Design and installation of fibre optics
    • Fibber optic cable blowing
    • Fusion splicing and measurement
    • WAN development
    • Mobile telephony
      • Installing, configuring and upgrading antenna sites
      • Installing, integrating and commissioning base transmitter/receiver stations
      • Antenna system frequency measurement
      • Wireless data transmission
        • Developing networks for mobile operators, security networks (ASTRID, GSM-R) and private wireless networks
        • Interior signal coverage, microwave links, WLAN, Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint connections
        • Construction of new sites including civil engineering work, installation assemblies, works at height, above ground work, installing mobile switching centres (Mobile Switching Centre) and Base Station Control (BSC) systems, long wavelength antennas and wide band antennas
        • 24/7 on call service for repairs and maintenance