Extensive range of services

ENGIE Fabricom offers a comprehensive range of services for studying and installing pipeline networks above and below ground. With our multidisciplinary approach, we carry out turnkey pipeline projects, including structural works, pipework, power supply, telemetry and maintenance.

Our solutions

  • Underground installation of piping (gas and water)
  • Shut-off valves, discharge regulators and measuring stations for gas and other liquids
  • (Re)connecting works for electricity and water subscribers
  • Emergency repair services
  • Installing smart meters for wireless meter reading

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

HDD ca be used to install underground infrastructure without the need for digging. The technique is accurate, efficient and has three major advantages:

  1. Limited disruption to surrounding areas
  2. Rapid implementation
  3. Minimal earthmoving

Our HDD machinery is capable of drilling to lengths of 600m with diameters of up to 600mm. Thanks to this new service, we are now in a position to offer all utility installation techniques in-house without relying on subcontractors.